While working as a librarian at a private school, I was given the incredible opportunity to travel to Costa Rica as part of a language learning professional development program. Instead of being housed in a hotel we stayed in local families’ homes in San Jose. This, to me, was the most important aspect of the trip. Instead of being a tourist, I was integrated into the daily life of a family. We were even invited to a family party during our stay. Not only did I learn more language skills on this trip, but I also got to experience the culture and family lifestyle in Costa Rica.
— Ruthanne V. (Miami, Florida)


Now more than ever, schools are assessing how ready their faculty, parents and students are to discuss and handle tough cultural topics on school campuses and at home. In light of recent national events, questioning the inclusion (or exclusion) of linguistic and cultural minorities (LCMs) has become commonplace. (LCMs refers to people whose native culture and language are other than what is commonly practiced in a particular society.) 

The candidates selected to participate in Enhancing Diversity via Language will experience life as a LCM firsthand as they spend two weeks in San José, Costa Rica taking 50 hours of intensive Spanish language classes and living with prescreened local Costa Rican families.  The participants will engage in daily roundtable discussions on topics ranging from multiculturalism, second language acquisition, global citizenship to Costa Rican culture.  The group will also attend seminars and network with noteworthy members of Costa Rica's academic and business communities. 

By the end of the Program, participants will have a significant boost in their confidence and ability to communicate in Spanish, firsthand experience in navigating cultural differences, a deeper understanding of how minority students, especially LCMs, experience school life differently, an elevated understanding of Costa Rica's history, economy and relationships with the U.S.), the tools and knowledge to become agents of change to support LCMs and a group-generated action plan to create tangible goals—short and long term, personal and systemic.

This program is designed for: educators (of all levels), academic administrators, admissions counselors, diversity and global education coordinators, human resources professionals and student counselors.  

Important note: Immersa Global's Professional Development programs strive to create supportive and safe environments where participants of all backgrounds are respected and encouraged to speak freely. The majority of the group activities in English are presented in a roundtable format where participants, in addition to program directors, serve as facilitators. 

For more information, please contact the Program Director, Sheree Mitchell, M.A. 

As an experienced foreign language instructor myself (French) I really appreciated the full immersion program in Costa Rica. The class size was very small and the instructor used the communicative approach to teaching Spanish. The homestay experience was great because it provided an authentic environment where we practiced our new language skills.   ~ Caroline G. (Miami, FL)


PROGRAM FEE: (including housing, most meals, cultural activities, workshops, language courses, materials and transcripts) is $3,250.00. There are only 15 total spaces available. Excludes airfare, visa where applicable, and incidentals.     



APPLICATION PROCESS:  E-mail the following three items to sheree@igscholar.com by Friday, March 3rd, 2017 by 12:00 p.m. midnight EST.  

(1) A copy of your most current curriculum vitae, (2) a letter of financial support from your academic institution, and (3) a short essay (200-500 words) that addresses the following question: "How will Enhancing Diversity via Language better prepare you to serve your students, families and colleagues?"  

PROGRAM DEADLINES:  the application packet is due by Friday, March 3rd, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. midnight EST.  (If you are selected, the 50% deposit ($1,625.00) is due by Friday, March 24th to secure your place in the program. The balance is due by Friday, May 5th.) 

PROGRAM CONTACT: Program Director, Sheree Mitchell, M.A. sheree@igscholar.com

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