My immersion experience in Costa Rica helped to not only increase my understanding of the Spanish language, but also helped me gain a greater understanding of the culture and country...The trip was perfectly organized so we could balance our classroom studies with out-of-the-classroom experiences, such as dancing, zip-lining, a volcano tour, and more... Overall, I walked away becoming more knowledgeable about the Spanish language, Costa Rica, its culture, and its people.
— Christopher "Kit" Faiella

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Most of Immersa Global's experiences are available on demand, so you (and a group of family and friends) can name a departure date and group size (up to 16 participants) to go when you want.

¡Hablo Español!: Authentic Language and Cultural Immersion Experience in Costa Rica  (Click here to explore)

Costa Rica "On My Own": Curated Experience-Based Travel Programs for the Adventurous  (Click here to explore)


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