Over the past five years,

we've seen an increase in the demand for more authentic, immersive travel experiences amongst outbound tourist world-wide.  "It's about participatory travel in a local culture and much more than just seeing the expected sights", said Peter Greenberg, CBS News Travel Editor and The Royal Tour Co-host.  

We don't have to look any further than the instant global success of Airbnb's newest program Experiences to confirm this observation. "Host are chefs, hikers, or just knowledgable locals who want to show others little-known pockets of their communities. They can host an experience or multiple ones over the course of a few days," according to Airbnb's website. 

Immersa Global, an exclusive experience-based tour operator, is at the forefront of this movement and proud to announce that we're now offering well-curated experiences to meet the needs of discerning outbound Chinese tourists.  Our 10-day program, Portugal for the Curious Jet-Setter is an example of this endeavor: 

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO REDIRECT TO portugal for the curious jet-setter 

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO REDIRECT TO portugal for the curious jet-setter 


At Immersa Global  we are committed to designing experience-based journeys that not only meet, but exceed the expectations all of our clients.  With regards to our programs that are curated specifically for affluent outbound Chinese tourists, we offer the following services to ensure that the experiences are enjoyable for all:

1. We have native Chinese-speaking assistants available on-site 24/7 during the entire program.

2. We strive to hire well-qualified local tour guides who understand and have extensive experience working with discerning Chinese tourists.  

3. We provide detailed information at the beginning of the program that highlights cultural differences. We open the sessions up for questions and answers. 

4. Our Chinese programs are closed groups.    

5. The hotels, restaurants and other local service providers are selected based on their ability to provide the following:

a. quality   b. experience  c. and ability to meet the needs and expectations of discerning Chinese clients 

6. All program information is available in both English and Chinese.

7. Each morning, detailed bilingual itineraries are provided to clients so that they can best prepare for the day. Information regarding sensitive cultural differences is included in these itineraries (i.e. covering bare shoulders upon entering holy sites, places where photography is inappropriate, culturally sensitive ways to eat or drink certain foods, etc)

8. During the free time built into the program, clients are given detailed information about which stores, restaurants and tourist sites have Chinese-speaking staff or information in Chinese. Whilst exploring the city on their own, if clients ever need assistance, they can always call the Immersa Global's Chinese-speaking assistants for over-the-phone linguistic support.   

9. Authentic Chinese breakfast foods are available at 30%-50% of the hotels that we use during the program.   

10. High-end Chinese teas, slippers and robes are made available in all the hotel rooms of each city and village included in the program.

11. We make a concerted effort to gather detailed (anonymous) feedback from clients after the program.  We then analyze the data and implement any necessary changes moving forward. 

About Immersa Global: 

Immersa Global is a boutique experience-based travel company that specializes in helping people connect with the magical people, places and cultures around the world.  We teach our clients to think beyond simply seeing the world to actually immersing themselves in it with our well-curated off-the-beaten path food and wine experiences and language and cultural immersion programs.

We are professional globetrotters and true bon viviants, but most importantly we are world citizens with a strong commitment to sustainable and culturally-sensitive global engagement.  Our clients range from independent travelers seeking unique experiences to corporations and academic institutions seeking innovative globally-focused professional development programs. We are excited to now offer our unique approach to experiencing the world to the Chinese outbound market.  Click here to see what we have in store! 

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