Design Your Own Food & Wine Experience

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I've spent the last three years traveling and meeting food and wine producers around the globe.

It's been an unforgettable journey and I hope that this information will help you create amazing experiences of your own! 

I recommend that you start this process at least SIX months prior to travel:

1. Determine the main goal of your trip (ie. farm-to-table, haute cuisine, authentic farmers' market experiences, wine/spirits tastings, vineyard/distillery visits, international culinary conferences, food/drink-based festivals, etc)     

2. If you are working on a specific budget, determine what that is (including airfare, lodging, ground transportation, etc). 

3. Visit websites such as EatWith, AirBnb Experiences, and Traveling Spoon to get ideas for activities and experiences in various destinations. 

4. If you're active on social media, try "hashtagging" your destination's name. For example, #Barcelona

4. Make a list of destinations that offer what you're looking for. 

5. Once you've locked in on a city or country, research online (travel blogs, tourism board websites, on-line travel magazines, etc) to determine the best dates to book your trip. There are many local food and wine festivals that take place in various countries throughout the year. These festivals are usually designed for and by locals, but they happily welcome visitors.   

6. After you've confirmed the dates and times for your "anchor activities" (the main reason your visiting the destination) try to reserve a few days before or after to schedule more experiences.

7. Connect with international travel groups in your community (or on-line) and ask for recommendations for your destination.

8. Consider contacting regional wine organizations to ask if there are any special activities (ie. wine tastings, harvest events, new wine festivals, etc) scheduled during your travel dates. (If so, ask if you can purchase.)

9. Contact your hotel or guest house host and ask for a list of "locals' favorite eateries, speciality shops, wine bars, etc beforehand. If they have websites or at least some social media presence you can do research and work them into your plan.  

10. Go and enjoy! 

Send me an e-mail if you have any questions: