10-Day Intelligently Designed

Study Abroad Programs for Adults


Language study, people-to-people exchange, professional networking, cultural immersion, social impact projects and much more! 


Intensive 2nd Language Study 

Immersa Global gives North American professionals the extra linguistic boost in foreign languages (and cultural competence) that keeps them well-versed and competitive in the global marketplace.

Our language instructors are all highly educated and knowledgeable about effective language acquisition methodologies.

Whether you are interested in learning another language to achieve a personal goal or to become more engaged in multilingual business negotiations, our Complete Immersion Programs are structured to teach you more in just ten days than two months' worth of conventional classes back home. We promise.  

Just find the time, and we'll take care of the rest!  

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People-to-People Exchanges

The most rewarding way to experience a new culture is by connecting with the people who actually live it.  At Immersa Global, we completely understand this.  In fact, we believe that our people-to-people exchanges are the most valuable assets to our global programs.  

Whether it be casually discussing Portuguese politics with locals over a glass of wine or participating in a homestay program with a family in Costa Rica, each encounter promises to be enriching and memorable. 

With the help of our local friends, you'll learn how to live like a local in no time.  You'll eat regional dishes, learn to speak their language, understand issues that are meaningful to them, and if you're lucky, you'll create friendships that will continue well after your immersion program ends!


The world is full of exceptional places with languages and cultures as diverse as the people who speak them.  

We've strategically chosen sites that offer participants the best opportunities to quickly and easily immerse themselves in the local culture through our P2PE, social impact projects and language classes. 

From the most peaceful country in Latin America (Costa Rica) to one of the youngest most innovative countries on earth (Israel), each program has something unique to offer.      

Even if our program sites are not new to you, we promise that this time around the experience will be!  So grab your passport, camera and notepad come join us.  The world awaits! 

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