Former U.S. Ambassador Headlines First-of-its-Kind Global Citizenship Program in Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal – January 30, 2018: Immersa Global today proudly announced the newest addition to its list of unique personal and professional development programs: “The Ambassador’s Tour of Portugal 2018”. This summer, June 11th to 18th, approximately 15-20 North American professionals will join U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Portugal, Allan J. Katz (ret.) on an innovative “all-access” program that seeks to explore the meaning of global citizenship through the lens of Portugal.

The group will participate in provocative panel discussions involving Portuguese ministers, American diplomats, business and community leaders, scholars, and artists. Ambassador Katz and the distinguished guest speakers will address topics such as:

· “Current and Future Business Opportunities in Portugal for American Citizens”

· “Portugal as the New Culinary Destination: The New Future of Portuguese Food and Wine ”

· “Tapping into Lisbon’s Hot New Start-Up Scene”

·  “Understanding Portuguese Politics and the Role of the European Union”

· “Viewing Health Care Through the Global Lens: Basic Human Right or Commodity”

During the seven-day program, the participants, along with local experts, will also enjoy access to national museums and art galleries, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, private visits to award-winning vineyards, exclusive events with superstar chefs, local celebrities, and more.

“Portugal has everything that Americans look for in Europe. The historical heritage of one of the oldest and most important empires in the western world, fantastic beaches which are still wild and well preserved, great food and wine, a small country that’s easy to get around, an excellent gateway to Europe, and pure people who are easy to communicate with,” stated Ambassador Katz.  

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Additional itineraries and program highlights for Immersa Global in 2018 include:

· “Arco Lisboa: VIP Access to the Contemporary Art World of Portugal”(May 2018)

· “Wine Summit: Join Wine Experts from Around the World in the Portuguese Riviera” (June 2018), and 

· “Experience Portugal Like a Bon Vivant: Explore Portugal’s Budding Culinary Scene with Local Food Journalists and Gastronomes” (year-round)

Immersa Global’s 2018 itineraries continue to offer intellectually curious adventure seekers behind-the-scenes access to distinguished people and local experts around the world. “It’s rare to see a new country through the eyes of the movers and shakers who influence it every day. It has been such an honor to work directly with Ambassador Katz,” said Sheree M. Mitchell, founder of Immersa Global.

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