There's a reason why you selected Portugal to host your event.  So why not share it with your attendees?

We are an immersive travel startup that offers unique 1-2 day experience-based programs for international visitors.  Similarly to Airbnb's new platform called Experiences, each of our programs is led by local experts who are excited to give visitors an off-the-beaten-path taste of Lisbon and surrounding areas.

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"Portuguese Food & Wine 101" with local experts


"Portuguese Wine for Connoisseurs" with local winemakers and viticulturists

"Explore Authentic Portugal" with local experts   



1. For Your Organization:  Portugal is an amazing country, so why not show it off!  Working with us gives your attendees the opportunity to have immersive cultural experiences that they'll remember for years.  We even customize the pre and post conference activities so that they flow seamlessly with your demographic.  Lastly, we compensate your organization with a percentage of the sales.      

2. For the attendees:   The chance to fall madly in love with Portugal via well-organized 1-2 day unique cultural immersion programs led by locals.    

3. For Portugal:    Extra boost to the local economy.  We only use Portuguese program leaders and vendors for our experiences.



1. Your organization will receive a percentage of the sales (that we both agree on) and you'll help your attendees connect with us via your event's printed marketing materials, registration website, etc.  (We even give you backhand access to our booking website so that you may monitor the reservations as well!)   

2. We take care of everything else!  We handle the reservations, questions, and of course all the program logistics.  We specialize in providing amazingly detailed customer service in many languages!  Read our reviews. 

I would like to setup a phone conference or meet with you all in person to discuss further.  Please let me know what your availability is.  My direct e-mail is:  

I look forward to working with you!  

Best, Sheree M. Mitchell, M.A.,President and Founder