¡Hablo Español!: Authentic Language and Cultural Immersion Experience in Costa Rica

Get ready to see, taste, speak and feel Costa Rica like a local! 

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Natural Beauty

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Language & Culture

Program Highlights:  

You'll be amazed at how much you learn (and do) in just 10 days!

•Small intimate groups of 10-15 participants

•Over 20 hours of language instructionSpanish for Daily Use orSpanish for Professionals (Spn.)

•Over 6 hours of Costa Rican cultural classes (Spn.)

Academic chats on Costa Rican History, Politics and Economy (Eng.)

Networking events with new local friends and colleagues (Spn. & Eng.)

Tours of coffee plantations and tropical fruit farms (Spn. & Eng.) 

Social impact projects with local nonprofit organizations  

Coffee tastings led by coffee connoisseurs

•Opportunity to participate in adventure sports

•Opportunity to take professional cooking classes led by local chef

•Optional 96+ hours with local host families * (Spn.)

*Homestay Program is available for Costa Rica  

Why did we choose Costa Rica for the Spanish language program?

It's simple.  Costa Rica is where you find a beautiful easy-to-understand dialect of Spanish, tourist friendly locals, renowned history of peace, and the most amazing flora and fauna in just a short flight away from the United States!  

You'll quickly fall in love with gallo pinto, Imperial Beer, Costa Rican coffee and most importantly the *ticos themselves! (There's a reason why over 20,000 American and Canadian expats have moved to "The Switzerland of the Americas"!) 

*An endearing term Costa Ricans use to refer to themselves

Immersa global's founder sheree mitchell with friends in san jose

Immersa global's founder sheree mitchell with friends in san jose