We're a small group of professional globetrotters from various lands.  The one thing that unites us is our common passion for exploring the magical places, people and cultures around the world.

We offer unique 10-day small group immersion experiences, individual customized itineraries, transformational travel coaching and customized professional development programs in some of the world's most dynamic countries.  

What makes us different from other boutique travel companies? Our off-the-beaten-path immersion experiences are so locally rooted that you won't find them anywhere else!  (Our unofficial motto is, "if you can find it in a guidebook, then you don't need us"!)  

Whether you're interested in experiencing the amazing food and wine scene in Portugal, enhancing your Spanish language skills in Costa Rica, or having a theme-specific immersion experience in Israel, Immersa Global has got you covered.  Do something extraordinary this year!  We certainly will!    

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