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Thank you Immersa Global for an amazing full day tour of Sintra - it was immensely professional and educational...and lots of fun!

—Sandy Riser from California - September 2019

Thank you Immersa Global for an incredible opportunity! I just completed a Spanish language immersion program tailored for working professionals in Costa Rica. It included 5 hours per day of private Spanish instruction for one week, and cooking and dancing classes too. I met amazing people, and had a life-enhancing experience.#alwayslearning #nevertooOld #PuraVida 🇨🇷
— Victoria Worship
You will be thrilled if you book a tour with Immersa Global! Sheree has wonderful tour guides and detailed in planning an experience you will not forget. After our Sintra day tour we wanted to have her plan yours for all the other cities we were visiting. Best tour I have ever been on.
— MM from Miami
Immersa Global made our trip to Portugal much richer. They enticed us to explore the countryside and connected us with celebrity chefs.
— John S.

Finding Sheree Mitchell and Immersa Global was like finding a friend who knows the secrets of the city! If tour buses and crowds are not your thing, then Immersa is the solution. However, if crowds are your thing, I’m sure she can accommodate...there’s basically nothing she can’t do! Sheree planned an amazing experience for us in Porto, based on our desires and budget, and because of that we had one of the best experiences of our time in Portugal!
— Neal C. from New York City - august 2019

Although we never met in person, Sheree Mitchelll of ImmersaGlobal planned an exciting and intellectually stimulating one-week tour of Portugal for me as if we had been friends for years. Sheree listened carefully to my interests, paying attention to all the details that make one feel welcome and safe as a solo woman traveler. Well worth the cost, which I thought was reasonable, I enjoyed private tours in Lisbon, Évora, Cascais, Coimbra, and Porto. The well-prepared itinerary included relevant tips and recommendations that further enhances my time in Portugal when I was on my own. Enhanced by a Portuguese lesson, my exposure to Portugal included food, wine, history, art, music, and culture. The hotels and activities were top notch and the service was impeccable. When I return to Portugal, I’ll reach out to ImmersaGlobal again. I wish Sheree Mitchell could curate all my travel!
— F.F. from Washington D.C. - September 2019

The dinner the night we arrived was a fabulous introduction to authentic Portuguese food. The next day in Sintra, Cabo da Roca and that amazing lunch experience in Cascais was definitely a highlight of our trip. Although I was disappointed the weather kept us from visiting the winery (something for next time) I really appreciated you making sure we could see Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Belem. I especially liked the stops for nata and ginjinha! I was really touched that you took the time to come meet us, I’m only sorry I forgot to take a picture with you so I could show everyone back at work. I don’t think we could have spent our limited time in Portugal much better. Thank you so much, I can’t even imagine what you could do if I gave you more than two days notice. You are a superstar!
— TA from Miami - April 2019
I had the pleasure of traveling twice on trips arranged by Sheree. The first trip was to Costa Rica for 8 days in the spring of 2006. The airplane travel, host family accommodation, immersion and trips to climb the volcano, to the hot springs and spa, to the beaches, to museums, to quaint restaurants to sample local fare and to coffee plantations were all superbly planned and executed.
My second trip with Sheree was to Spain for 3 weeks. We flew from Miami to Madrid where we stayed in a lovely modern hotel, visited the museums and the surrounding towns of Segovia and Toledo. We travelled overnight by sleeper train to Barcelona where we were immersed in Gaudi structures and ate Black Paella, then we went by bus to Malaga where we stayed in picturesque hotels on the beach and ate sardines roasted on fires lit on the sand. We even took a day trip on the ferry to Tenerife, Morocco. Sheree’s travel arrangements were ‘seamless’, the trip exciting, culturally enhancing and the price affordable.
With Sheree the trip is an experience, everything is planned out perfectly, enjoyable, no stress…
— Debbie E.
When I learned about Immersa Global and Sheree’s experience as a solo traveler, I was really hoping that she would be available to give professional advice. As I considered my plans of ’leaving it all behind to travel the world’ I felt a bevy of fear-based emotions. Knowing nothing at all about neither international nor solo travel, I was content to find a nice enough person to give me tips and maybe some resources. What I didn’t expect was to find a compassionate coach. She doesn’t just give you advice and a ton of resources, she lends a knowing ear to the scary, insecure thoughts and feelings that naturally accompanies such an ambitious goal. She shares her experiences in a down-to-earth style which helps incredibly with bringing such an endeavor to reality. Yes, she assures me, ‘you can do this and it is possible”! I felt empowered, cared for and listened to. She is a consummate professional, following up sessions with extra helpful information, tips and resources and positive affirmations. She is highly intelligent, communicating in a clear and unpretentious manner, making understanding things easy. I got so much more than advice and guidance from Sheree. I got a knowledgeable woman in my corner who gave me the support I needed to assure me that I wasn’t crazy about my dreams.
— Jessica Malavez
Marcos and his mother in Madrid

Marcos and his mother in Madrid

Sheree is the best experience curator ever.
She helped me planing my trip to Portugal with details that definitely made my two weeks over there completely filled with activities that fitted in my needs. I had an odd situation, traveling with my 82 years old mother and Sheree knew how to plan the first trip of my mother to Europe.
Sheree gave me a “what to do, to go, to eat” list for Lisbon, Fátima, Porto, Óbidos, Espinho and Madrid.
Also we got stuck in Madrid, what was supposed to be just a flight connection became in a 4 days stay. As soon as I realized “we are stuck here” I emailed Sheree and she sent me an email with everything I needed to stay “stuck” in Madrid. Sheree gave us tips on how to make the best of our time and Madrid and the 4 days passed by quickly. Thanks Sheree !!! You saved our trip!
— Marcos Domingues
It was an extraordinary experience. Not your typical vacation at all, because we actually worked! But it was worth it because the language classes and cultural activities helped me to “see” the country on a completely different level. I learned more Spanish in just that one week than ever before. I look forward to doing something like this again.
— Brian Roberts
Sheree makes our first language immersion experience unforgettable and, certainly, irreplaceable! Sheree is nice, sincere, patient, considerate and, most importantly, amazingly detailed! Her passion about travel, books, wine & cheese made our experience even more fun!! :) Yes, she is the BEST!
— L.L.
There is no better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself in the culture. I learned this first hand during my experience in Costa Rica. The language classes were excellent and I learned far more than I ever imagined I would in such a short period of time. The homestay was the highlight of the trip for because it exposed me to everyday life in Costa Rica. This has by far been the best immersion experience I have ever had!
— Alexandra E.
The Spanish immersion in Costa Rica surpassed my expectations by far. At first I was a little anxious about staying in a complete stranger’s home, but as soon as I arrived and met the family, that anxious feeling was gone and I felt very welcomed. My host family was absolutely amazing! They did everything possible to make sure that I was comfortable. The language academy was also great! It was well-organized and the instructors were very competent, professional and friendly. My favorite part were the volcano tours and adventure sports. Since many of these experiences were completely new for me (language academy, living with a host family, zip lining, etc), after I returned, I realized that I felt much more confident about trying new things and traveling alone. A little push outside my comfort zone was all it took to feel that I could take on new adventures without hesitation. I’m now looking forward to the Portuguese program!
— Katrina Rodriguez
2016 was a wonderful year for me and my trip to Portugal was a big part of it! Thank you for all the love you put into this experience...whether you know it or not, you put a smile on my face.
— Isabel P.
Under the guiding and very experienced hand of Sheree Mitchell, my daughter, age 11, and I visited Costa Rica for a week of Spanish Language immersion. This was the real deal, this was authentic! Not only did we get quality mother-daughter time, but we both attended Spanish classes- not the same one- while living with a wonderful & welcoming Costa Rican family!
Thanks to Sheree we became more proficient in Spanish while experiencing the rich and diverse Costa Rican culture.....all at a very reasonable cost.
— YP
I had the great fortune of studying Spanish in the Costa Rica for three weeks. It was an invaluable experience that afforded me the opportunity to learn Medical Spanish, as well as form lasting friendships with my peers. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the Costa Rican culture and live with a Costa Rican family. Not only did I learn how to dance salsa and merengue, but I also explored the scenic aspects, like the Volcan Arenal. I also feel confident in my abilities to conduct an interview with Spanish speaking patients. In fact, I am one of the few providers at my job that is conversational in Spanish. I would highly encourage to participate in this once in a lifetime experience.
— Jessica, A., M.D.
This is my 2nd trip with Sheree, so that pretty much says everything. She’s amazing, responsible, responsive, extremely flexible and always (and I mean it!) willing to help with whatever. I strongly recommend her programs so I am giving Sheree and the experience 5 stars again because they deserve it! (Thank you once again Sheree!!) Sept 2013
— F. Pochintesta
My immersion experience in Costa Rica helped to not only increase my understanding of the Spanish language, but also helped me gain a greater understanding of the culture and country. Since the trip also consisted of a homestay, we became surrounded by the language and the day-to-day life of being “costarricense”. In addition, the trip was perfectly organized so we could balance our classroom studies with out-of-the-classroom experiences, such as dancing, zip-lining, a volcano tour, and more - this enabled us to become familiar geographically with the region. Overall, I walked away becoming more knowledgeable about the Spanish language, Costa Rica, its culture, and its people.
— Christopher "Kit" Faiella
I absolutely loved the language immersion program in Costa Rica. Not only did my Spanish improve exponentially in a short time — from both the classes and living with a host family — but I also had the chance to see stunning national parks and volcanoes. I could not have had a better experience, and I’m very much looking forward to doing this again!
— Jaquen Castellanos
I was debating on where to take my first solo trip abroad and reached out to Sheree for advice. That was the single best decision I made! Sheree gave professional and friendly advice and guided me through every step of the process. Her passion for travel, good foods, culture, and experiences shines through her work and words of wisdom and encouragement. I will definitely be working with Sheree again in the future!
— Brandi Bethea
As an experienced foreign language instructor myself (French) I really appreciated the full immersion program in Costa Rica. The class size was very small and the instructor used the communicative approach to teaching Spanish. The homestay experience was great because it provided an authentic environment where we practiced our new language skills. This was also a great opportunity to get to know my other colleagues outside of work. We had a great time visiting volcanoes, waterfalls and coffee plantations. I learned more in 10 days about people that I’ve worked with for years! I highly recommend this program and I’m actually looking forward to the Portuguese immersion program!
— Caroline G.
My trip to Costa Rica was a wonderful experience.
It was extremely well organized, diverse, very interesting & a lot of fun. Sheree’s professionalism, compassion and love of Costa Rica allowed me to see places I normally wouldn’t have visited on a ‘tourist track’ As well as viewing traditions & culture made possible by Sheree’s expertise. I highly recommend her program.
— Janice Jazayri
My program consisted of a week-long home-stay in Costa Rica. Our day-trips provided an unabridged taste of the language, the culture, and the history of Costa Rica - an experience that I would not have been able to have on my own (but I now crave). I greatly value the opportunity I had to engage with and learn from Costa Ricans of various backgrounds in their language. I returned with the confidence and context to study Spanish Language and Culture at the next level, and the interest to explore other places and cultures with a similar immersive and respectful approach.
— Hallie P.
It was a very well-organized experience. The entire trip was only a week long, but I felt like we learned so much in that time!
— James W.
I really enjoyed the Spanish classes at the academy, I learned a lot in a short amount of time as the trip was only a week long. This experience gave me the travel bug; I’ve been exploring the world ever since. I’ve currently been living in Madrid, Spain the last 11 months teaching English while learning Spanish. It’s been an amazing experience.
— Hannah J.
I had an incredible time in Costa Rica. My expectations were far exceeded during this trip. We got to see amazing Costa Rican landmarks, live the culture and eat so much great food. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in search of a Spanish immersion program for sure!
— Alix Braun
We got a chance to experience Lisbon like the locals. IG provided us with a full itinerary of the best “off the beaten path” food and wine secrets that only locals could find. IG’s tips and maps were easier to understand than our guide book’s. In most places, we were the only tourists around. Sheree & her local team went out of their way to check in with us while we were actually on the trip. Great experience!
— Charles W.
While working as a librarian at a private school, I was given the incredible opportunity to travel to Costa Rica as part of a language learning professional development program. Instead of being housed in a hotel we stayed in a home in San Jose. This, to me, was the most important aspect of the trip. Instead of being a tourist, I was integrated into the daily life of a family. We were even invited to a family party during our stay. Not only did I learn more language skills on this trip, but I also got to experience the culture and family lifestyle in Costa Rica.
— Ruthanne V.