Sheree M. Mitchell, President & Founder

Sheree M. Mitchell has traveled to over 40 countries, lived on three continents and speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and some Italian. In her early-thirties, she gave up a comfortable life and career in her native Florida to embark on a year-long solo sojourn around the world that changed the course of her life. Today she’s the founder and president of Immersa Global (USA) and SMM Advisory (Portugal), two boutique firms that specialize in designing and executing very unique and exclusive travel experiences for discerning American clients. Mitchell is considered a thought-leader in highly-curated travel as well as in extended solo (female) travel. She speaks regularly at travel and tourism conferences throughout the U.S. and Europe. Most recently, Mitchell has been invited to design projects that use tourism as a vehicle to connect cities in the US with cities in Portugal at the municipal and national level.

Mitchell’s passion for curating unique travel experiences was first discovered in graduate school when her professors challenged her to design a two-week study abroad program in Costa Rica for other students. Since then, she has successfully curated high-end student and adult small group travel to Spain, France, Portugal, Costa Rica, Miami, and most recently Israel. (Learn more here.)  

Mitchell says that international travel has been a lifelong investment and her most important personal asset as it has empowered her to define global citizenship on her own terms as well as design a life of perpetual globetrotting that most would consider impossible. Her favorite saying is, “Be crazy enough to dream big and resilient enough to make it happen.” 

During her free time, you can find Mitchell laughing, visiting new places, or sharing a bottle of Portuguese wine with her closest friends.  Click here to see Mitchell in action as she welcomes you “home” to Portugal.   

Ana Nogueira, Portugal Program Director  

Born of Portuguese heritage and raised in Mozambique, Africa, Ana has always been fascinated with exploring the world. She has traveled to 27 countries and when she’s not on the road, she happily shares her beautiful city of Lisbon with visitors from around the globe.  

Ana's passion for globetrotting led her to study Hospitality Business Management. She has acquired vast experience in Quality Assurance, Management Systems, Customer Satisfaction, and Food Safety Management. Most recently Ana has combined all of her experiences and realized her life-long dream by creating an upscale hostel in a beautiful historic building in one of Lisbon’s most affluent neighborhoods.  This innovative concept of high-end yet affordable short-term lodging has been so successful that Ana just recently acquired and opened more residences throughout Lisbon.  

Ana's love of sharing Portugal with the world is palpable.  On any given day, you’ll see (or hear) her happily indulging her guests at Royal Prince Hostel with regional baked goods, mini Portuguese lessons or impromptu wine tastings.  (All of which she does while skilfully switching back and forth from English to Spanish to Portuguese!) 

If you’d like to learn more about Ana’s projects click here. 


Gabriela Adarve, Business Development Manager

Native Floridian and first-generation American, Gabriela’s first experiences with international travel began with trips to her parents' hometown of Bogotá, Colombia when she was just a few months old. She surprised her mother and relatives alike when, at four years old, she began reading restaurant menus in Spanish--which she spoke fluently thanks to her bilingual upbringing, but had never been taught formally. Gabriela's fascination with language and culture followed her into young adulthood. In 2014, she placed second at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida for presenting an award-winning speech commemorating International Education Week. She graduated with her B.S. in International Affairs from Florida State University in 2017, with nine years of French language and a semester overseas in Prague under her belt. She put her language skills to the test that summer in Paris, navigating the city while keeping a vow to herself to do so without speaking a word of English.

Today, Gabriela is based in the Miami area. Whether she is enjoying a weekend in Wynwood or bronzage at the beach, an afternoon in the vineyards of Germany or a film festival screening in Los Angeles is not too far off her radar.



Ben Austin, Art-Based Program Partner

Art critic/curator and publicist with over 25 years of experience in the art world, an early champion of Urban art, first curated gallery show for Banksy and Antony Micallef- ‘Perverse Pop’ Catto Contemporary 2002. ‘Decadence, Decay and Demimonde’ - Home House, London Oct 2007. Exhibition event on the preview evening of Frieze art fair, in association with Saatchi Gallery, major sponsors included Tanqueray gin and Hiscox insurance. More recently a major review of contemporary British art during Art Basel Miami (Design District) - Art Britannia - Miami 2013 https://vimeo.com/81143516 

Ben Austin through the art and fashion PR Company - Fluff PR staged exhibitions/events for independent artists/fashion designers and promoted shows for leading London galleries.Ben Austin is a regular contributor to Artlyst - https://www.artlyst.com, FAD magazine - https://fadmagazine.com (artists to watch) and has written for Art Review magazine, plus for numerous exhibition catalogues/press releases. 

He also acts as an art adviser for private collectors and institutions. Often taking select VIP groups around the major international art fairs (Armory - New York. Frieze -London and New York. Basel - Switzerland, Miami and Hong Kong). 

Ben is currently based in Portugal working with galleries, designers and artists in the region. Interests include real estate and tourism. Visit www.benaustin.pt to learn more.