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Sheree Miranda Mitchell is the founder and president of Immersa Global, the boutique travel company that offers exclusive tailor-made travel programs for adults.  Her love for globetrotting, art, outstanding food and wine has taken her to over 40 countries and has inspired her to become either fluent or functional in four languages.   (Find shorter biography here)

At age 15 Sheree, a Florida native, experienced her first solo trip abroad and has never looked back.  As a young adult, she spent many summers studying Spanish while living with local families in Costa Rica.  Years later, in graduate school, she designed and executed study abroad programs for fellow students and professors interested in learning Spanish as she did. What started as a professional challenge opened the door to her lifelong passion: creating and directing immersive travel experiences for others. 

At the age of 24, upon completion of her master's degree in Spanish Literature and Second Language Acquisition, Sheree started her career as a world language educator at a prestigious college-preparatory school in Miami, Florida. Within her first year of teaching, she was creating and directing study abroad programs in Costa Rica and Spain which later led to launching her first bilateral academic exchange program between her institution in Miami and a sister school in Aix-en-Provence, France.    

Eight years later, in search of new professional challenges, Sheree transitioned from education to the private sector where she was recruited to internationalize a reconstructive surgery center in South Florida. The experience that she gained and the network of global contacts that she made during her time there were invaluable.  

Years later, with a strong desire to get off “the grid”, Sheree resigned from her position and embarked on an ambitious five continent, 14-month solo sojourn around the globe.  During this unique once-in-a-lifetime journey, Immersa Global was born. 

Now as the creative brain behind Immersa Global, Sheree spends over half the year visiting different programs sites abroad, networking with international colleagues and laying the groundwork for new immersion experiences. 

What does she do in her free time?  You can find her exploring new places and enjoying wine with friends around the world. (Click here to see Sheree's Travel Map)

You can learn more about Sheree via recent articles published in the US and throughout Europe here: http://bit.ly/VIRES19

You can contact her by e-mail at sheree@immersaglobal.com