Portugal "On My Own": Expert Travel Consulting for the Adventurous

Get ready to experience Portugal like a local (without the restraints of group travel).  Immersa Global will take care of planning a unique and unforgettable experience with up-to-date exclusive local insight.  It's like having a local concierge and emergency contact on the ground....something that no guidebook would ever be able to offer!    

I was debating on where to take my first solo trip abroad and reached out to Sheree for advice. That was the single best decision I made! Sheree gave professional and friendly advice and guided me through every step of the process. Her passion for travel, good food, culture, and experiences shines through her work and words of wisdom and encouragement. I will definitely be working with Sheree again in the future!
— Brandi Bethea

Why use Immersa Global for your "Portugal on my own" experience?

Use our Local Network to Design a Unique Experience

Eat at Our Favorite "Local's Only" Restaurants


Have the Freedom to Do What You Want, When you Want

Sheree helped me planing my trip to Portugal with details that definitely made my two weeks over there completely filled with activities that fitted in my needs. Sheree even knew how to plan my 82 year old mother’s first trip to Europe. Also we got stuck in Madrid, what was supposed to be just a 2 hour layover became a 4 day ordeal. I immediately emailed Sheree and she sent me a list of everything I needed to enjoy our time in Madrid. Thanks Sheree!!! You saved our trip!
— Marcos Domingues

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