(re)discover yourself in PORTUGAL: Authentic, tailor-made Language and Cultural Immersion Experience


Why Portugal?

It's simple. Portugal is where you find the original dialect of Portuguese, tourist friendly locals, vast geographical diversity, and a long history of peace all within a country half the size of Florida.

You'll quickly fall in love with Lisbon, the local food and wineand most importantly the Portuguese people themselves! This gorgeous peaceful little country will not only teach you a new language and culture, it will also teach you how to relax and enjoy life.

It’s also where Immersa Global’s founder, Sheree M. Mitchell, first learned Spanish. Learn more about her story here: Sheree’s Story


Get ready to see, taste, and feel Portugal like a local! 


At Immersa Global, we don’t believe in “one size fits all” so each language and cultural immersion program is tailor-made to fit the needs of each client. So are you ready?

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