Sheree has traveled to 40 countries, lived on three different continents and speaks English and Spanish fluently (and is currently working on Portuguese and Italian).  In 2014 Sheree gave up her career, car and apartment, rented a small storage unit and embarked on an ambitious year-long solo sojourn around the globe.  

Since 2002 Sheree has designed and directed language and cultural immersion programs in the U.S., Costa Rica, Spain and France.  As a direct beneficiary of these types of programs (she studied Spanish and lived with local families in Spain and Costa Rica) she knows first-hand just how quickly immersive travel can change your worldview. In 2015, Sheree launched Immersa Global, a boutique travel company that specializes in curating experience-based journeys and professional development programs for North American adults.  


In 2016, Sheree spent three months in Southern Portugal designing a detailed, off-the-beaten-path food and wine route from Lisbon to Alentejo where no such program existed before. Earlier that same year in Costa Rica, she designed an informative Spanish language and cultural immersion program for American teachers.

Sheree's currently collaborating with a former US Ambassador to Portugal on a unique travel behind-the-scenes to Portuguese business and politics tour for American professionals, two-week immersive experiences in Portugal, Costa Rica and Israel for American university students, as well as an innovative food and wine experiences in Portugal for discerning Chinese tourists.  

Sheree's clients describe her as creative, approachable, highly professional and fun. Sheree was recently invited to speak at The New York Times Travel Show (2017), Philadelphia Travel & Adventure Show (2017) and ITB Berlin (2017). She also contributes regularly to many international print and web-based publications.

Sheree travels often as she consults and designs projects for global tourism boards, private clients and corporations in the U.S. and abroad. You may contact Sheree directly at