An Authentic Approach to Cultural Sensitivity

Language training is an important investment in employees. But language fluency does not equal cultural fluency - for either global leaders or their subordinates.
— Tsedal Neeley

U.S. based institutions have struggled with effectively implementing practices to increase cultural sensitivity for decades.  As the country becomes more diverse (and as globalization becomes more commonplace) the theoretical conversations about diversity have hastily been replaced with specialized consultants, theme-based workshops and action plans.

At Immersa Global, we wholeheartedly support these initiatives as well. Our approach, however, is different.  We believe in harnessing the power of authentic people-to-people connections to aid in challenging old beliefs and inciting acceptance and celebration of differences.  

Every member of our team has first-hand experience participating in people-to-people exchanges in different countries. We truly believe that authentic cultural immersion is the best way to transcend biases in order to connect on a human level.      

In our immersion programs, we do not lecture, judge or reprimand.  We simply create environments where people can share with other people over a meal, cup of coffee or glass of wine.

So take the plunge and immerse yourself in the world. You'll be amazed at how quickly you feel at home in such a diverse environment.  

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