I greatly value the opportunity I had to engage with and learn from Costa Ricans of various backgrounds in their language. I returned with the confidence and the interest to explore other places and cultures with a similar immersive and respectful approach.
— Hallie P.

The most rewarding way to experience a new culture is by connecting with the people who actually live it.  At Immersa Global, we completely understand this.  In fact, we believe that the cultural exchanges are the most valuable experiences in our immersion programs.   

Whether it be casually discussing Portuguese politics with locals over a glass of wine or participating in a homestay program with a family in Costa Rica, each encounter promises to be enriching and memorable. 

With the help of your new friends, you'll learn how to live like a local in no time.  You'll eat regional dishes, learn to speak their language, understand issues that are meaningful to them, and if you're lucky, you'll create friendships that will continue well after your immersion program ends!

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