We’re reposting a great piece written by our friends at Portugal Confidential on the most recent Michelin Star news here in Portugal. Enjoy! CLICK BELOW:


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Sheree M. Mitchell , President & Founder of Immersa Global

Sheree M. Mitchell, President & Founder of Immersa Global


Sheree M. Mitchell has traveled to 40 countries, lived on three continents and speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and some Italian. In 2014, Sheree gave up a comfortable life and career in Miami to embark on an ambitious 14-month, five continent transformational solo sojourn around the world. Today she oversees Immersa Global and IG Scholar, two boutique firms that specialize in designing unique immersion experiences abroad for discerning travelers and students. Sheree regularly speaks at the New York Times Travel Show and serves as a tourism product development and marketing consultant for regional and national organizations. Connect with Sheree and Immersa Global on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @immersaglobal