Immersa Global is an American-owned and operated boutique travel company that specializes in unique and exclusive food, wine, and art programs in Portugal. Each program is comprised of one-of-its-kind local experiences that are tailor-made for groups of 1-18 people.  

Immersa Global is the brainchild of Sheree M. Mitchell, travel expert and international travel speaker. Mitchell started the company to offer something more than just "soulless standardized tour packages". Her idea was to create ways to help curious travelers explore and discover Portugal by connecting them with the absolute best local artists, winemakers, celebrities, historians, superstar chefs in the country.  

The tagline, "If you can find it in a guidebook, then you don't need us" perfectly sums up the essence of what Immersa Global provides.  

See Mitchell (and Portugal) in action here: