Professional Development for the Real World

I had the great fortune of studying Spanish in the Costa Rica for three weeks. It was an invaluable experience that afforded me the opportunity to learn Medical Spanish..... I now feel confident in my abilities to conduct an interview with Spanish speaking patients. In fact, I am one of the few providers at my job that is “conversational” in Spanish. I would highly encourage to participate in this once in a lifetime experience.
— Jessica A., M.D.

In today’s global economy, the need to speak multiple languages and understand the nuances of different cultures is greater than ever.  Whether you are thinking about expanding your business internationally or simply preparing your team for the multiethnic work environment here at home, Immersa Global Professional can help. 

Our Industry Specific Language Instruction in Spanish and Portuguese prepares professionals to communicate with confidence as quickly as possible.

Our people-to-people exchanges and networking opportunities with local professionals provide the perfect environment to put the new language skills and cultural competence to use. 

Spanish for Professionals (Miami and Costa Rica) and Portuguese for Professionals (Portugal) are designed to help participants, from any sector, with or without previous foreign language experience, succeed globally.

You may join an existing program or we can create one specifically for you and your team.   

Just find the time and Immersa Global Professional will take care of the rest.    

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