Not All Language Programs are Created Equal

At Immersa Global, we understand that not all language programs are created equal. Based on our own personal experience and expertise, we know what works and what does not. Therefore we go to great lengths to make sure that our language academy partners around the globe understand and practice the art of language teaching as we do.  

Most of Immersa Global's experiences are available on demand, so you (and a group of family and friends) can name a departure date and group size (up to 16 participants) to go when you want.

The Magic Behind Learning Your New Language:

80% Natural Approach-- Think back to when your parents taught you English as a child. They did so by actually speaking to you in English. This method is also very effective when you are learning a new language.      

We believe that the primary purpose of language is to communicate. From the first day of the program, we're working on building your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills as quickly as possible.   

Our teachers are all well-trained in second language instruction and have extensive experience helping people from around the globe make major breakthroughs in learning new languages. 

You'll quickly find that the combination of taking classes and living with a host family creates the optimal language-learning environment.  At "school" you'll get the language skills tailored to your personal or professional needs while at "home" with your host family you'll enhance your ability to carry on conversations about everyday topics.  

If you'd like to learn more about the natural approach to learning a new language, click here.  

20% Grammar Instruction -- If you read the previous paragraphs and got a little nervous, we've got you covered.  A good old-fashioned grammar lesson every now and then is also included!