Travel Style: Sheree Mitchell (Q&A with Travel Rock Star Johnny Jet)

People ask all the time, "What are your favorite fill-in-the-blank?" or "What's your most memorable travel experience?".  So we decided to repost the Q&A Johnny Jet and I did that addresses many of these questions.  If there's something not answered here that you'd like to know, drop us a line. 

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Sheree M. Mitchell has traveled to 40 countries, lived on three continents and speaks English and Spanish (while currently working on Italian and Portuguese). In 2014, Sheree gave up her comfortable life in Miami to embark on an ambitious 14-month, five continent transformational solo sojourn around the world. Today she oversees Immersa Global and IG Scholar, two boutique firms that specialize in designing unique immersion experiences abroad for adults and students. Sheree also speaks publicly on transformational and immersive travel as well as serves as a travel coach in her spare time. Connect with Sheree and Immersa Global on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @immersaglobal
Sheree M. Mitchell